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BayBio Medical Device Breakfast Series

Date:   Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Time:   8:00 - 10:00 AM

Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, Palo Alto, CA
3175 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1130
Phone: 650-843-5000

Sponsor:   BayBio

Event details:  

As the overall costs associated with clinical development, regulatory approval process, and commercialization have steadily increased in the past several years, many medical device companies have utilized strategic partnerships and alliances as a means of defraying the costs, and potentially accelerating the timelines, associated with product development and commercialization. Alliances have also been formed to increase the sales and marketing reach and to capitalize upon new markets. These partnerships and alliances include a broad range of spectrum, from an early stage preclinical startup partnering with a multinational conglomerate to co-develop a new product, to established public companies cross licensing technology and entering into sales and marketing pacts. A panel of experts will explore the key issues, pros and cons, trends and other considerations related to strategic partnerships and alliances, and share their experiences.

The following will be among the topics explored: What trends are we seeing? What successes & failures are we seeing? Are strategic partnerships really going to reduce costs & speed cycle times? What are the best reasons for considering partnerships? What are the worst reasons for considering partnerships? How do you assess the risks of a partnership, and how do you equitably share those risks? Best practices for Identifying and measuring key performance metrics? Best practices for managing unforeseen problems?



Sliding scale, $10-40


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