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FountainBlue's When She Speaks, Women in Leadership Series
Women's Leadership Styles: What's Right for You?

Date: July 10, 2009
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm


EMC Corporation
2831 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara

Sponsor: FountainBlue

Event details:

Women's Leadership Styles: What's Right for You?
In other months of our When She Speaks Series, we touch upon the gender issue tangentially, but this month, the gender issue will be the theme. Questions may include:

•What makes an effective woman leader, particularly one in a high tech world?
•What are some typically feminine leadership traits, and how can they be leveraged in a male-dominated world?
•How does one interact with other women, and their unique leadership styles?
•How can one better understand her one style, and proactively expand it?

These and other questions on gender and leadership in high tech will be explored by our panel this month.
•Facilitator Rosemarie Carbone, Serial VP of HR
•Panelist Michaela Guiney, Cadence
•Panelist Nancy Long, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Hitachi Data Systems
•Panelist Marleen McDaniel, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Adviser
•Panelist from EMC to be confirmed
•Other Panelists to be confirmed

Additional information and/or registration:

$20 members, $25 partners, $30 general, $40 for membership and event admission
Registration: by 7/9 at noon, no exceptions please. Late and on-site registration is $40 – does not include membership.

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