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  The Management Matters Series
Date:   February 10, 24 & March 10, 2009 (deadline to apply: January 23, 2009)
Time:   4:00-6:00 PM
Location:   Graduate Community Center, Havana Room
Sponsor:   Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Course details:  

Anyone can be a leader. One component that is needed is a skill set that equips the individual for the challenges leaders must face. Those skills can be learned "on the job," a sometimes painfully slow method that can involve much "road kill" along the way.

Alternatively, one can get expert instruction that provides templates that each individual can adapt to their own personal style and different settings. This first set of workshops focuses on how to manage people. We are very fortunate to have JUDITH MOSS, an expert in human relations, present an integrated series of three workshops. Each workshop will include a presentation by Ms. Moss followed by a break-out session to develop the topic of the day and discuss in small groups the particular challenges and tools for handling those challenges.


Fee:   Free
Additional information and/or registration:  

Attendance at these workshops is limited and interested students should apply on-line. Note that because the three workshops in the series build on each other, attendance at all three is expected of all participants.

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