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  I-RITE/I-SPEAK: Learn to Communicate Your Research Effectively, Clearly, and Succinctly

Dates & Times:   January 26, 28 & 29, 9:30am-Noon (participants should attend all sessions; hot breakfast will be served each morning)

Location:   English Department Terrace Room (Building 460, Room 426)
Sponsor:   Center for Teaching and Learning

Course details:  

This program assists graduate and postdoctoral students in developing highly understandable, compelling written and oral accounts of their research for nonspecialized audiences.  As a result of this time-efficient and focused approach, participants will have the tools to effectively summarize and discuss their research in various communication contexts including grant writing, job talks, and informal conversations with professional and personal contacts.

Since peer feedback is a critical aspect of the program, participants are expected to be present for the entirety of all of the sessions.  For the first session, attendees should bring a 250-word draft summary of their research, written for a lay audience.  This first draft will be refined during the first meeting and public speaking will the focus of the second meeting. The last meeting will be devoted to strategies for communicating interpersonally during interviews, and at the end each student will present a one-minute summary of their research to the group.

Fee:   Free
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