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FountainBlue's When She Speaks
Date: February 13, 2009
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm

20330 Stevens Creek Blvd.

Sponsor: FountainBlue
Event details:

Juggling Work-Life Balance in Demanding Times
Silicon Valley women leaders are challenged by the corporate and business pressures of high-stress, high-impact positions, while still juggling the personal demands of life and family. In today’s streamlined, fast-moving workplace, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every day and every moment.
This month's When She Speaks event focuses on how successful women are juggling these often-competing goals and what we can do to adjust our own and others' expectations on us, in order to ease the load and the stress. Our speakers will share their stories, commiserate with us, and challenge us to re-evaluate how roles, our priorities, and our own expectations for ourselves. Our panelists this month will include:

•Facilitator Francine Gordon, FGordon Group and SDForum Women's Group
•Panelist Jennifer Hall, VP of HR, Intuit
•Panelist Kristi McGee, Senior Director, Open Work Services Group, Sun Microsystems
•Panelist Sandra Raposa, Senior Director of HR for Learning and Organizational Development, VMWare
•Panelist Phyllis Stewart Pires, Director of Customer Experience, SAP
•Panelist from Symantec to be confirmed

Additional information and/or registration:

Cost: $20 members, $25 partners, $30 general by 2/11 at noon, $40 for annual membership and event admission. On-site registration is $40.


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