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FountainBlue's Life Science Entrepreneurs' Forum: Accelerating BioPharma Development

Date: August 17, 2009
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm


Sponsor: FountainBlue

Event details:

Life science professionals are faced with the usual challenges in developing, testing, manufacturing, approving and distributing biopharma solutions from drug discovery to therapeutics to enabling platforms. These unique challenges extend the time from inception to market, yet the companies that successfully navigate these challenges are companies to watch - bringing financial returns to companies, and products and services to markets.  
With the dramatic and rapid changes in policy and administration and outlook toward the life science industry overall, new interest has been placed on how to identify the key players in the biopharma market, and facilitate forward progress for people and organizations in this industry. This month’s panel will address today’s unique challenges and share successes worth noting.

  • Facilitator from Wilson Sonsini to be confirmed
  • Panelist Ted Spack, SRI International
  • Panelist David Zarling, CEO, Colby Pharmaceuticals
  • Panelist VC TBD

Additional information and/or registration:

For addition information and to register online visit the FountainBlue website.

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