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  IRITE/Elevator Talk Workshops

Dates & Times:   Thursday, November 8, 6-9pm & Saturday, November 10, 1-6pm (participants should attend both sessions)

Location:   TBA
Sponsor:   Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

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Many researchers have problems communicating their ideas to non-specialized audiences. When researchers cannot successfully communicate the purpose and significance of their research, the results are:

  • Reduced exchange of new concepts, methods, and findings among academic disciplines and subdisciplines
  • Lack of appreciation and knowledge by lay persons of the purposes and achievements of academic research
  • Underutilization of research findings for policy- and decision-making

Individual researchers who are unable to clearly express their ideas in ways comprehensible to non-specialists experience problems during job-talks, when writing proposals or communicating with the media, and in other professional and personal situations.

Learn to produce short, accessible written statements that explain your research and one-minute long "elevator pitch" oral presentations that are succinct and invite further discussion.

Fee:   Free
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Online registration required.

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