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  Careers in Science : Biomedical Entrepreneurship - Options and Opportunities for Clinicians and Researchers
Date:   Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Time:   12:00 - 1:15 PM
Location:   Clark Center Auditorium
Sponsor:   School of Medicine Career Center
Event details:   Overview:  “Silicon Valley” is renowned for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.  Based on Stanford’s central location and role within this activity, our medical students, researchers, and residents are afforded a truly unique opportunity to gain exposure to the entrepreneurial process and - in many cases - to become integrally involved with pioneering early-stage biotechnology companies. 
In the case of Martha Reitman, M.D., she completed her residency in pediatrics at Stanford and launched a successful entrepreneurial career spanning business, academic, and government settings.  This seminar is an excellent way for trainees to gather first-hand insights regarding today’s biomedical career prospects, along with considerations to take into account in evaluating options.  Informed by both current and prior faculty appointments, senior executive positions, and board memberships, Martha will lead an engaging discussion and address questions surrounding, for instance:
  • What are the most important factors to consider in making a good career decision at this stage?
  • What frameworks can we use to help evaluate which work environment(s) will suit us best?
  • How does a clinician/researcher become more savvy about specific entrepreneurial opportunities?
  • What are some potential ways to structure ‘independent consulting’ agreements?
  • How does one successfully balance involvement in the worlds of academia, business, and government?
  • Which parts of the stigmas associated with different career pathways are reliable and/or valid?
About the Speaker:                                       
Martha Reitman’s current business appointments include Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs at CoGenesys, Inc. and President & CEO of Reitman Corporation.  She is also Director of Translational Research Development for the State of New York, Binghamton University, and is engaged with the Harvard-Brigham Women’s Hospital PREDICTION initiative, coordinating international clinical trials.  In terms of government-based collaborations, she has been working for more than 20 years with the FDA surrounding pharmaceutical, biological, and medical device clinical development and product approval. 
Earlier in her career, Martha held senior executive positions (VP, Director, Medical Director, etc.) at Human Genome Sciences, Guidant, and Syntex Corporations, and faculty posts for the American Society of Gene Therapy and at Stanford Medical School.  Simultaneously a working member of the Cardio-Renal Division for the FDA, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and journal reviewer for the Archives Internal Medicine, she completed her B.S. at Cornell, M.D. at SUNY-Syracuse, and pediatrics residency at Stanford.
Fee:   Free
Additional information and/or registration:   Open to Stanford ID card holders. RSVP required. Send email to

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