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Community-Based Approach to Neglected Infectious Disease Research

Date:   Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Time:   6:00 - 9:00 PM

The Clarion Hotel
401 East Millbrae Avenue
Millbrae, CA


Sponsor:   BioScience Forum
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This presentation will provide perspectives on a new type of web-database to help scientists more effectively develop new drug candidates from commercial and humanitarian academic drug discovery research. Community-based technologies are currently being used to help develop new treatments especially for infectious diseases afflicting poor people in developing countries including malaria, Chagas disease, and African sleeping sickness. Community case studies range from early stage high throughput screening to lead optimization and GMP scale-up for clinical trials entirely in academic laboratories. Selected examples will be presented from work done in collaboration with leading researchers at UCSF, UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, U. Penn, Burnham Institute, UW, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital using CDD technologies to archive, mine, and (selectively) collaborate around drug discovery data. The novel functionality is the web-based collaborative environment for heterogeneous drug data. Heterogeneous low-throughput and high-throughput enzyme, cell, and animal data can be selectively shared among colleagues or even openly shared on the internet if desired. After providing direct collaborations with the top ~100 researchers studying infectious disease, broader community-generating strategies will be organically nurtured.


Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO & President of Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc. (CDD, Inc.) is interested in helping scientists more effectively archive, mine, and (selectively) collaborate around drug discovery data. He is co-author of a new text titled “Chemoinformatics: Theory, Practice, and Products” that surveys the range of modern drug discovery informatics tools. Prior to CDD, Inc, Dr. Bunin was an Entrepreneur in Residence with Eli Lilly & Co where CDD was incubated. Before that he was the founding CEO, President, & CSO of Libraria. At Libraria, Dr. Bunin led a team that integrated exhaustive reaction capture (synthetic chemistry) with Gene-family wide SAR capture (medicinal chemistry). Barry Bunin was formerly a Senior Scientist at Axys Pharmaceutical Corporation (now Celera), where he managed a library synthesis development group and designed patented protease inhibitors. He also synthesized RGD mimics containing unnatural amino acids to inhibit GP-IIbIIIa previously while at Genentech Inc. He was one of the early pioneers in high-throughput chemistry and previously wrote “The Combinatorial Index”, a widely used text on high-throughput chemical synthesis. Dr. Bunin received his Ph.D. at University of California at Berkeley, where he synthesized and tested the initial 1,4-benzodiazepine libraries with Prof. Jonathan Ellman.


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