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  Scientific Mobility Conference 2006
Date:   Thursday, September 7
Time:   1:00- 7:30 PM
Location:   Fairchild Auditorium, Stanford School of Medicine
Sponsors:   Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the SoMCC
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Stanford and Bay Area postdoctoral scholars, medical, and doctoral trainees.


As a result of attending this symposium, participants will have a greater understanding of 1) how to transition from trainee to employee work with the visa system in the US, or transition to international temporary worker in a different country from country of origin, and 2) global research opportunities, temporary or permanent, with a focus on the UK, Germany, Singapore and France.


1:00 - 1:10 Conference Opening & Introductions

1:10 - 3:30 Research Opportunities & Experience Abroad - Career Presentations on Temporary or Permanent Employment for US citizens or foreign nationals in key Scientific Research Roles.   Also, for foreign nationals-how to secure employment in home country.           

* Rashid Aman, PhD, Former SU Postdoc (Kenyan citizen) now working in Kenya as Genetic expert for Kenya National Museum
* Richard Dasher, PhD, Consulting Professor US-Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford
*Marcos E. Garcia-Ojeda, PhD, Former SU Immunology doctoral student and recipient of Pasteur Foundation postdoc in France, now working at UC Merced as faculty

3:30 - 4:00 Coffee Break (Fairchild Lobby)

4:00 - 5:30 Navigating the Process and Developing Strategies - Attendees will learn how to manage their visa status in the US or abroad as trainee, temporary employee or permanent employee.  Foreign nationals in the US will learn about the US immigration system, or about working in a country other than their home country.  US citizens interested in working abroad will learn about necessary visas for temporary or permanent stays. 
* Serafina Sands, US emigration attorney in collaboration with Mr. John Pearson, Director of SU Bechtel International Center on best practices for obtaining permanent residence in the US, petitioning for a visa to another country as a US citizen or Foreign national for temporary or permanent employment.
 * Global Trends in Science and Technology and How to Identify International Opportunities- Search and Application Strategies for International Positions- Stephanie Eberle, SU Career Development Center & NatureJobs Assistant Editor, Gene Russo

5:30 - 6:15 Information Dissemination and Brief Organizational Overview - International Career Exposition & Consulate Representation

* Stanford University Bechtel International Center
* NatureJobs
* Pasteur Foundation
* Singapore
* Germany
* German Scholars Organization
* UK
* JSPS- Japan Society for Promotion of Science

6:15 - 7:30 Closing Reception - International foods with international flags, music and literature available - standing reception and exhibitor expo (Fairchild Lobby)

Fee:   Free
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Online registration required

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