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  Industry Insights: Developing Biomedical Technologies - Roles for Scientists within the Medicial Device Industry
Date:   October 11, 2006
Time:   12:00-1:30 PM
Location:   Clark Auditorium
Sponsor:   SoMCC
Event details:  

In the medical device industry, resources and capabilities must be carefully coordinated to produce useful, cost-effective, and innovative products.  Those with advanced research or clinical training are in demand for their ability to provide advice on approaches to research, potential clinical applications or markets, and a variety of functions that draw upon the highly technical skills they bring.  This seminar provides a unique opportunity to gain first-hand insights, based on the experiences of an accomplished scientist-executive, into the following:

• How is your specific background necessary and relevant in this setting?
• What to consider in evaluating this as a potential career direction?
• What additional skills or perspectives are most useful to develop?
• What steps can one take to enhance positioning for opportunities in this setting?         

About the Speaker:
Until the recent merger with Boston Scientific, Sami Hamade was VP of Compass Group and Business Development at Guidant Corporation.  The Compass Group represents Guidant’s corporate venture capital and corporate M&A group, where Sami provided leadership for new venture and merger activities.  He also led the West Coast Business Development unit, comprised of business development groups from Vascular Intervention, Cardiac Surgery and Endovascular Solutions divisions.  Previous to this, Sami held founding roles in the launch and development of significant businesses for Guidant including coronary stents, carotid and peripheral systems.  His efforts as a serial intrapreneur were instrumental in creating some of Guidant’s fastest and most lucrative businesses.  He is the recipient of publication awards and the prestigious Kettering award innovation.

Sami has been active in the medical device sector for the past 14 years starting with Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, where his role was in International marketing and distributor management.  He currently sits on several early-stage company boards and advises a Midwest venture fund, and is often quoted and interviewed in global publications such as Business Week and Financial Times.


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