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  CTL 219: Oral Communication for Graduate Students
Date:   Summer Quarter 2006 (6/27/06 - 8/17/06)
Time:   Thursday afternoons, 2:15 - 4:05 PM
Location:   550-550D
Sponsor:   Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Course details:  

1-3 unit course taught by Thomas Freeland, Ph.D.

This course addresses a range of graduate student speaking activities such as teaching, giving professional presentations and conference papers, and preparing for orals or theses defenses. In-class projects, discussion, and individual evaluation assist students in developing effective techniques for improving oral communication skills.  Individual coaching for graduate students is available for whatever type of presentation they need to prepare.

Appointments for individual coaching can be made by going to the web site: and clicking to the appointment request form (in which the student specifies type of presentation and availability to practice) -- or feel free to contact Dr. Thomas Freeland.

Thomas Freeland, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Oral Communication Program
Center for Teaching and Learning
Stanford University
Meyer 123
(650) 736-2337

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