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  Genomics, Race and Health Disparities: A National Dialogue
Date:   August 18-19, 2006
Time:   8:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Location:   Claremont Hotel and Spa
Event details:  
    The conference will bring together the country's leading researchers and opinion leaders to discuss the use of genetic/genomic information to assess variations in health care needs and treatment options among racial and ethnic populations. In addition to reviewing the current status of research in this area, speakers will also address the social, economic, and ethical implications of genome-based healthcare. Speakers represent a diverse range of expertise and experience so we anticipate a lively and productive discourse about the future role of genomics in health care and medicine.


Fee:   $35 - Students
$150 - Academic/Government
$500 - Corporation
Additional information and/or registration:   Please visit the conference registration site.

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