CARE Scholars - Summer Research Immersion

Applications Open!

Applications to our 2021 CARE Scholars - Summer Research Immersion Program are now open! We are looking for a diverse pool of undergraduate and graduate student candidates with a strong interest in Asian and public health. Prior research experience is desirable but NOT required. Students from both a computer science/statistics and liberal arts backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Please join us!

Deadline to Apply: February 5, 2021

"All in all, this was one of the most rewarding experiences in my budding academic and medical journey. While I have been eternally grateful to have been previously exposed to healthcare in Hawaii, branching out into the large Stanford network has truly opened my eyes to the diversity and innovation present in healthcare. I have never worked with such an efficient and skilled team before, and I can’t wait to see what fields my fellow researchers will move into.

"I am incredibly proud to have been a member of the Pac Pals – our three-person superstar team that spanned 19 hours of time differences (Japan, Hawaii, and California) – and I can’t wait to continue collaborating with them to improve healthcare for everyone. But most importantly, I can’t wait to finally meet my teammates in person and hug them for the first time." -- Kalpana Balarman, CARE-SRI Class of 2020

Program Description

The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) is offering an immersive, online 8-week summer immersion in Data Science and Vulnerable Populations for undergraduate and graduate students, with a focus in Asian Health. This exceptional program leverages the unique aspects of Stanford’s world-class research, technology, and medical infrastructure to train scholars to become superb population science researchers.

By the end of the program, scholars will utilize tools to conduct large database analysis, understand core concepts in health care research, and identify problems/solutions in vulnerable populations. In addition, scholars will effectively engage with technologists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and population science researchers.

Throughout the summer, scholars will participate with Stanford faculty and visiting faculty in ongoing seminars around: Asian health, medical technology, AI, medical research, vulnerable populations, global health, essentials of research, innovation and leadership, scholarship and presentation, and career goals.

The course content aims to facilitate student career development and professional success. We place extra emphasis on mentorship, wellness, and personal career development to ensure that our students have a fulfilling experience that prepares them for careers as scholars in medicine and research. Our students will build connections with Stanford CARE's global network of thought leaders and professionals, and with each other. 

Program Timeline

From May to July, scholars will participate in weekly pre-program Innovation Seminars. Beginning on July 14,  scholars will participate in a 2-week intensive boot camp to learn research fundamentals. During the program, scholars will work on two research projects – a large database research focused on precision medicine (in-seminar), and specific mentored research projects with individual faculty (out of seminar).  All projects will be mentored by leading Stanford CARE faculty. At the end of the program, scholars will present their work at the CARE Summer Research Symposium 2021, and then work on publishing their results in academic journals over the next several months. Most students are predicted to submit 1-2 manuscripts for publication to a peer reviewed journal. In addition, scholars may publish additional manuscripts with Stanford Faculty around other projects. Program content is the equivalent of three undergraduate classes.

Application Fee: $75

Program Fee: $5900

The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education is dedicated to improving the lives of Asians everywhere, through evidence-based research and education in precision Asian health. Please join us on August 14th for a virtual conference as we highlight important new Asian health research by Stanford CARE Summer Research Immersion and Hong Kong University medical and public health students.

This year, due to the pandemic, the conference will be held virtually.

2020 CARE Scholars

Ellie Feng

My name is Ellie and am a rising senior at Santa Clara University studying Neuroscience and Creative Writing. I love how medicine is rooted in culture and want to better understand more effective ways to get people the treatment they need, whether that be antibiotics or a heartfelt conversation with ginseng tea. One of my dreams is to write stories that will weave the magic of life with health science so it can be accessible and fun for all kinds of people. :)

Gayle Paragas

Gayle Paragas recently finished her studies in Language and International Health with concentrations in Health Administration and French at Clemson University, South Carolina. She has research interests in women's reproductive health, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, and she plans to obtain a master's degree in public health, possibly concentrating on epidemiology. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, playing video games, and cooking food for her family.

Lilly Bar

Lilly Bar recently finished her first year at Pomona College as a pre-health student interested in chemistry and molecular biology. Lilly competes on Pomona's NCAA Division III cross country and track teams, and while the Southern California heat is intense, the teams are a vital part of her undergraduate experience. With previous research experience in a neuroscience lab, she looks forward to analyzing data regarding the human population, especially after taking Science and the Public's Health.

Vaishnavi Bhamidi

I am a first-year student in the Medical Sciences program at the University of Western Ontario with a keen interest in public health and journalism. As part of the 2020 CARE Internship, I'm looking forward to learning more about Asian health and how the aspiring students of today can make an impact. In my free time I love writing film reviews on my blog, singing classical Carnatic music, reading lots of classic literature and keeping up with the latest scientific literature as well!

Rishab Bhatt

Rishab is a rising sophomore at Emory University. He is currently studying Neuroscience and Computer Science with interests in medicine and machine learning. In his free time he enjoys playing chess, sports, and listening to music.

Shreya Ingle

Shreya Ingle is an undergraduate at Rice University majoring in Neuroscience. Academically, she is interested in studying traumatic brain injuries, modifying approaches to palliative care, and using medical technology and data science to individualize patient care for different populations. Some of her hobbies include dancing on the Rice Bhangra Dance team, playing tennis, and exploring new restaurants!

Yunnan Yu

I am Yunnan, currently a Master program student at the University of Pittsburgh, and majoring in Information Science. I am particularly interested in Information Security and Data Science. Outside of academics, I enjoy reading and watching movies.

Bridgette Han

My name is Bridgette Han and I am a rising junior at Duke University studying a self-created major in Asian American Health Disparities: Research, Policy, and Practice. I am often found sipping on multiple lattes, cappuccinos, and any other espresso concoctions— as I aspire to become a coffee connoisseur. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with friends, cycling, and baking. Given my interests in healthcare, politics, and traveling, I hope to amalgamate my three passions into a future career that can take me across the globe!

Kalpana Balaraman

I’m a Master’s student in linguistics at Tulane University, where I also completed my undergraduate studies in neuroscience and linguistics. I hope to become a physician in some pediatric specialty, and combine my medical and linguistic interests with neurolinguistic research on fetuses and newborns. After completing my training, I hope to become a practicing physician back home in Hawaii, to give back to the community that did so much for me. In my free time, I enjoy dancing (especially hula and hiphop), learning new languages, spending time outdoors, and traveling with my family.

Aditya Simha

I am a rising senior at UC Davis majoring in NPB (Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior) I am interested in mental health and human behavior. I have worked with Autistic teens (primarily Asians) and I am keen on learning about disabilities and its connection to race.I want to take my learnings at Stanford CARE and apply it to my future academic pursuits on the above topic. In my free time I like to play tennis, table tennis and video games.

Yuelin He

Yuelin He is a third-year undergraduate student studying Computational and Systems Biology at UCLA. With a concentration in Biological Data Sciences and a minor in Statistics, she is interested in statistical analysis and machine learning in healthcare. Outside of academics, she loves singing and playing with music.

Nathaniel Islas

Nathaniel Islas is a junior at California State University, East Bay double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics with a concentration in Data Science. He is particularly interested in the use of machine learning for precision medicine. In his free time, he likes to read, explore the food scene in the Bay Area, and cook.

Ashley Sackpraseuth

Ashley is a third-year undergraduate studying Industrial Engineering and Data Science at Iowa State University. She is passionate about helping people and giving back to her community. In her free time, she enjoys trying out new Pinterest recipes, catching up with friends and family, and performing with the Cyclone Marching Band.

Kevin Xi

Kevin is a graduating Senior from Rice university with a strong interest in computational research, looking for a career connecting data science and healthcare. His research interests include applying AI into data driven fields such as Radiology and fMRI. In his spare time he enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and board gaming.

Nicholas Ortega

Nicholas Ortega is an undergraduate senior at UCLA majoring in Statistics. He is particularly interested in the applications of data science and machine learning in health and medicine. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in Biostatistics. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing the drums, working out, and watching rugby.

Claudia Fernandez Perez

I am a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of Miami, double majoring in Neuroscience and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, minoring in German. Some of my interests include clinical opioid use and addiction, cancer biology and the disparities faced by underrepresented minority populations. Outside of academics, I enjoy swimming and scuba diving, and I have recently taken up yoga and meditation as well. My future goals include becoming a physician, specializing in neurosurgery, and continuing my work in helping and advocating for underrepresented communities.

Manaeha Rao

My name is Manaeha Rao. I grew up in Los Angeles, but I am currently attending the University of Chicago. I am a rising sophomore, double majoring in neuroscience and public policy. I’m passionate about global health, education, human behavior, science fiction, and cooking (although I’m not very good yet).

Shozen Dan

Shozen Dan is a junior at Keio University (Japan), majoring in environmental and informational studies. He is also an exchange student at the University of California Davis, majoring in statistics. He is a trilingual that speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese fluently. Academically, his interests include neural networks and statistical learning. Outside of academics, he enjoys listening to music and playing the guitar.

Naveli Garg

Naveli Garg is a rising sophomore at University of California Davis majoring in NPB (Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior) and double minoring in Dance, and GSWS (Gender, Sexuality and Women Studies). She has previously interned for VISIONS, an adolescent rehabilitation program located in LA, as their Bay Area outreach intern. After watching neurosurgery firsthand, she became more interested in medicine, and, specifically, research revolving the brain and its functions. She is passionate about understanding and progressing inequity in the world. An ambivert by nature, she spends her time dancing, having fun with friends and family, and watching TV

2020 CARE Implementation Science Fellows

Jaiveer Singh

Jaiveer Singh is a rising sophomore at Yale University who plans to major in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics and minor in Data Science. Although his interests have mainly revolved around computational immunobiology, he enjoys applying his research to public health by exploring the interface between data science and healthcare, such as through using deep learning to predict clinical outcomes. In his free time, he enjoys catching great views of nature while on hikes with friends and dancing with the Yale Bhangra team.

Timothy Au

Timothy Au is a recent graduate of Tulane University. He double majored in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence in medicine. Outside of academics, Tim enjoys sketching, swimming, and playing video games.

Siddharth Venkatraman

My name is Siddharth Venkatraman and I recently graduated from Creighton University, where I studied biochemistry and philosophy while working in an RNA structural biochemistry lab. Through my involvement with CARE, I hope to improve the delivery of personalized medicine by increasing Asian American representation in public health literature and discourse. In my free time, I enjoy running, cooking, and playing the violin.

CARE Summer Research Immersion Core Faculty

Malathi Srinivasan, MD

CARE-SRI Program Director

Bryant Lin, MD, MEng

CARE-SRI Core Faculty

Gloria Kim, MD

CARE-SRI Core Faculty

Latha Palaniappn, MD, MS

CARE-SRI Core Faculty

Robert Huang, MD

CARE-SRI Core Faculty

Randall Stafford, MD PhD

CARE-SRI Core Faculty

CARE Summer Research Immersion Faculty

John Alexander Borghi, MA, PhD

CARE-SRI Program Faculty

Rita Popat, MS, PhD

CARE-SRI Program Faculty

Pavan Kochar, CEO, Certree

CARE-SRI Program Faculty

Pierre Khawand, MSE

CARE-SRI Program Faculty

Christopher Stave

CARE-SRI Program Faculty

CARE Summer Research Immersion Mentors

Sukyung Chung, PhD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Robert Huang, MD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Yasuhiro Shudo, MD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Sriram Vaidyanathan, MD, MS, PhD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Caroline Thompson, MPH, PhD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Karen Eggleston, PhD, MA

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Zachary Sellers, MD, PhD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Randall Stafford, MD PhD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Paul J. Wang, MD

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

Osika Tripathi, MPH

CARE-SRI Faculty Mentor

CARE Summer Research Immersion Teaching and Administration

Nora Sharp

CARE-SRI Instructor and Program Manager

Chloe Sales, BS

CARE-SRI Progam Coordinator