Overview of the CardinalSim system

CardinalSim is an immersive simulation environment developed for the preoperative rehearsal of complex surgical procedures.  It gives surgeons the opportunity to perform simulated dissections on a virtual representation of anatomy derived from clinical imaging studies.  By exploring relevant anatomic relationships in a safe environment, the surgeon may be better prepared for otherwise unexpected challenges.  The system may thereby provide the opportunity for greater precision, efficiency, and ultimately improved clinical outcomes.


Preoperative Image Guidance

Interactive 3d reconstructions of patient-specific anatomy allow the surgeon to both see and feel structures that can influence the course of a procedure. Such “preoperative image guidance” enables the exploration of imaging studies in a more familiar surgical context, and can increase preparation for actual surgery.

CardinalSim Architecture

Using CardinalSim, a user can create surgical scenes, in which anatomic structures are derived from segmented clinical PACS systems.  Volumetric structures may be represented with predefined or customized material properties, and viewed with a variety of stereoscopic displays using real-time volumetric rendering.  Virtual dissections can be performed with the support of high-fidelity haptic feedback from a variety of supported hardware.  The dissections can be compared with intraoperative video for retrospective analysis.  CardinalSim can accurately demonstrate surgically-relevant intraoperative findings in a variety of cranial base procedures.

This work has been supported by a grant from the National Library of Medicine R-01 (R01 LM010673-01A1) 2011 - 2015