Immunology & Immunotherapy of Cancer Program

About Immunology and Immunotherapy of Cancer

The Program's two major goals are: 

  • To understand the nature of the immune system and its response to malignancies.
  • To explore auto- and allo-immune responses to cancer with the goal of enabling the discovery and development of more effective anti-tumor immunotherapy.

These goals will be achieved by fostering collaborative research, advancing the latest technologies to probe immunological mechanisms, and by enhancing the infrastructure for clinical translation.

Research by program members has resulted in exciting new developments in both understanding immune function and developing novel therapies. Advances include the development and application of CyTOF and high-throughput sequencing for evaluating cellular function and responses and the translation of important concepts to the clinic in promising early phase clinical trials.

Program Directors

Professor of Pathology and of Medicine (Immunology and Rheumatology)
(650) 723-7960
Professor of Pediatrics (Hematology/Oncology) and of Medicine
(650) 725-2553

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