Stanford Cancer Institute

Translating Stanford discoveries into individualized cancer care

Transforming Cancer Care

Stanford Cancer Initiative is an ambitious program to transform the care experience of every cancer patient treated at Stanford. The Initiative combines the latest research and information management protocols with multi-disciplinary, patient-centered care to improve quality of life and overall health outcomes. Integrating leading-edge research and comprehensive care to dramatically change the prognosis and treatment of cancer.

National Cancer Institute Designation

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation signifies that the Stanford Cancer Institute maintains the highest standards of scientific rigor in every aspect of cancer study, from laboratory research to clinical assessments of treatments.

News & Publications

  • New class of RNA tumor suppressors identified

    Two short, “housekeeping” RNA molecules block cancer growth by binding to an important cancer-associated protein called KRAS. More than a quarter of all human cancers are missing these RNAs.

  • Researchers receive outstanding investigator awards from National Cancer Institute

    Steven Artandi, Laura Attardi and Amato Giaccia will receive up to $600,000 annually for seven years to study cancer processes.

  • Story of family's tumor donation inspires more donations

    With the donated tissue, a Stanford team has created the first cell line and mouse model of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a deadly tumor.