Maps and Directions

Neuropsychological Assessments

The neuropsychological assessments will take place at our offices on 1070 Arastradero Rd. Suite 220, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

MRI Scans

Our MRI scans take place at the Lucas Imaging Center, adjacent to the Stanford University Hospital. It is located at the corner of Pasteur Drive and Welch, at 1201 Welch Road, Stanford, CA 94305.

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Approaching the Lucas Center on Pasteur Dr. from Sand Hill Road

The front of the Lucas Center from Welch Dr

The entrance to the Lucas Center where one of our research assistants will meet you and your family.

ADI/ADOS Appointments

1215 Welch Road Modular B is where the ADI and ADOS appointments will take place. If your child has already had his/her MRI you will notice that Modular B is directly adjacent to the Lucas Center. Our assessor will meet you on the deck of Modular B and guide you to our space inside for the appointment.