Athletes between 12 and 17 years

Is your child between the ages of 12 and 17 years old? Do they participate in an organized sport? 

We want to learn what happens in a child’s brain following a concussion. We are also building on our understanding of brain performance in active children. In our study we are incorporating the latest evidence-based approach to measure brain function, using customized portable EYE-SYNC eye-tracking goggles.


If you’d like your child to participate in our research, the first step is to complete consenting paperwork with us. We will email you a copy of the consent or may send an information packet home with your child from school or sporting organization.  Once the consenting process is complete, we will have you answer some questions about your child.

We will coordinate with your child's school or affiliated sporting organization to schedule a date to perform a baseline test.  The assessment consists of cognitive tests and questionnaires to establish a baseline of overall functioning. You do not have to be present throughout the testing session.

We will assent your child before starting any assessment.  

You are welcome to contact us directly and enroll your child in our study.



If your child gets a concussion after enrolling in the study, your child's school or affiliated sporting organization will contact us, and we will conduct follow up visits that will involve in-depth cognitive testing and eye-tracking.  You do not have to be present.

At your request, we can give you raw scores from your child’s cognitive tests (at no cost), which you may choose to take to a health care provider of your choice for further evaluation. 

Based on eligibility, your child may receive:

·      Baseline test: $15 (45 minutes to 1 hour)

·      Follow up cognitive testing after a concussion: $130 per visit (2 hours per visit, up to 4 visits)