Athletes 18 to 30 years

Stanford University’s Concussion and Brain Performance Center is looking for people aged 18 to 30 years old who participate in an organized sport that want to help us understand brain performance.  

We want to learn what happens to the brain following a concussion. We are also building on our understanding of brain performance in active adults. In our study, we are incorporating the latest evidence-based approach to measure brain function, using customized portable EYE-SYNC eye-tracking goggles. Participation is free, and you may be paid for your time.  

If you want to participate, we will coodinate a date for a baseline testing visit, which consists of cognitive tests and questionnaires to establish a baseline of your overall functioning.

If you sustain a concussion, your coach or organization will contact us, and we will conduct follow up visits that will involve in-depth cognitive testing and eye-tracking (an average of 2 hours per visit).  We will conduct a maximum number of 4 visits, with a total reinbursement of $520.  

At your request we can give you raw scores from your cognitive tests, which you may choose to take to your health care provider for further evaluation. 

Based on eligibility you may receive:

Baseline test: $15 (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Follow up cognitive testing (eye-tracking, reaction times, attention, etc.) after a concussion:  $130 per visit (2 hours per visit, up to 4 visits)