Box for EMM

Mobile device access to Stanford Medicine Box is only available via the Box for EMM app, which must be found and installed in a special way.  Please carefully follow the following instructions.

Box for EMM - iOS Installation Instructions


  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the app catalog associated with your institution (Stanford, SCH or SHC). If no App Catalog appears on your device, you may need to install MDM.

  2. Touch Free beside Box for Stanford Medicine to install the Box for EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) app.

  3. When prompted, touch Install.

  4. Enter your Apple ID and password.

  5. Verify that the Box for EMM app icon has appeared.

Login instructions

Box for EMM - Android Installation Instructions


  1. Install the Box for Android EMM Phone or Box for Android EMM Tablet on your Android phone or tablet respectively.
  2. Upon opening the Box for EMM app, supply your email address (leaving the password field blank).
  3. Select your institution (Stanford University, Stanford Health Care or Stanford Children's Health).
  4. Swipe to the bottom of the welcome message and touch Continue to Stanford Medicine Box.
  5. When prompted, enter the username and password associated with your institution.

Assistance is available through the Stanford Medicine Box Support page.