People: Staff Scientists

Biostatistician 2, Med/Quantitative Sciences Unit


  • A Dietary Intervention in Urban African Americans Results of the "Five Plus Nuts and Beans" Randomized Trial AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Miller, E. R., Cooper, L. A., Carson, K. A., Wang, N., Appel, L. J., Gayles, D., Charleston, J., White, K., You, N., Weng, Y., Martin-Daniels, M., Bates-Hopkins, B., Robb, I., Franz, W. K., Brown, E. L., Halbert, J. P., Albert, M. C., Dalcin, A. T., Yeh, H. 2016; 50 (1): 87-95


    Unhealthy diets, often low in potassium, likely contribute to racial disparities in blood pressure. We tested the effectiveness of providing weekly dietary advice, assistance with selection of higher potassium grocery items, and a

Data Engineer Lead, SoM - IRT Research Technology


  • A natural language processing algorithm to measure quality prostate cancer care Journal of Clinical Oncology Hernandez-Boussard, T., Kourdis, P., Dulal, R., Ferrari, M., Henry, S., Seto, T., McDonald, K., Blayney, D. W., Brooks, J. D. 2017; 35 (8_suppl): 232-232