Diversity and Inclusion

The BMI Training Program Admissions Committee takes seriously its responsibility to recruit and retain diverse students who are representative of our world. Admission to our program is quite competitive, but we would like to ensure every applicant that we view each application from the life perspective of the applicant.

We strongly encourage applications from traditionally underrepresented groups, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those with disabilities. Our application (part of Stanford Biosciences) has a number of fields through which applicants can self-identify and provide relevant context and background, including in the area labeled “Contributing Factors to the Stanford Community” and in the Personal Statement.

Diversity and inclusion is a priority for all of Stanford and Stanford Biosciences. There is a large variety of student communities, groups, and resources for prospective and current students. We point out a number of them here, but we encourage prospective students who are interested in learning more about available resources to contact us directly at bmi-contact@lists.stanford.edu, and for students currently at Stanford to contact our Student Services team directly.

We would like to make applicants aware of the following Stanford programs and resources: