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February 2008

1:14 PM, February 14, 2008

Proposal Deadlines, Upcoming Meetings, and Journal Club

Whiteboard showing research meeting deadlinesToday's meeting highlighted upcoming deadlines including: AAMC, AEA, and JAMA. They are listed below:

Mar 01, JAMA Education Articles
Mar 21, AAMC Small Group
Mar 21, AAMC Workshops
Mar 14, AEA All Areas

Upcoming Professional Meetings include:

March 23-28 American Educational Research Association NYC
April 9 American Psychological Association - Soc Instrustrial and Org Psychol SF
April 27-30 WGEA Asilomar
Oct/Nov 31-5 Association of Americ Med Colleges San Antonio, TX
Nov 5-8 American Evaluation Association Denver, CO

There were a large number of acceptances (posters, oral presentations, and panels) concerning the upcoming WGEA conference in Asilomar. They will be listed on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

12:08 AM, February 3, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Yohko Murakami PresentationYohko Murakami (left) presented the Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance Conference Survey to the group. The group provided constructive feedback in a timely manner. The survey was revised based on the input and deployed.

Evaluating the the Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance (SUMMA)

Click on Image Above to Download Poster

Drs. Garcia & Vosti
The discussion was animated. Drs. Gabriel Garcia and Kenneth Vosti (left) provided instrumental insights.

We agreed to keep as many of our meetings as open as possible to facilitate discussion and exploration and maintain our informal learning atmosphere. However, our next meetings will include talks from statisticians and related research methodologists. Dr. David Irby, UCSF, has agreed to speak to the group in April.

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