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International Speaker

Posted 3:06 PM, October 4, 2007, by

Maria, Speaker from Karolinska InstituteMaria, from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, spoke today.

The focus of her talk was on the accuracy of student self-assessment. The findings were powerful (almost statistically significant after running a two-tailed T test).

Sylvia Bereknyei Speaking to the GroupThe second speaker was Sylvia from Stanford. The focus of her talk was on "Fostering Compliance of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act: An Educational Program."

Both presentations invited comments and a critical eye. The group immediately launched into both talks with insightful comments designed to better understand the concepts presented and to help the presenter improve their research and presentation.

As usual the conversation went past the designated hour and into the lunch zone.

Presentation Barchart

Neil Gesundheit Speaking to the Group


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