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Posted 9:37 AM, September 18, 2007, by

Announcement of Dr. Candler's visitDr. Chris Candler, the editor of the AAMC's online journal, will be speaking in the School of Medicine on September 21, 2007. The topic will be: "What is Education Scholarship and How Should it Be Evaluated?"

This presentation conforms to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement on Teaching's commitment to scholarship on teaching. According to the Foundation: “The scholarship of teaching must not be confused with ongoing study of one's discipline, which is expected of all faculty. This specialized scholarship, which only some faculty will pursue, involves sustained inquiry into teaching practices and students' learning in ways that allow other educators to build on one's findings. Scholarship of teaching is directed toward other teachers, in one's field and beyond.?

The talk will be located in the Clark Center Room 361. This invited speaker is endorsed by Dean's Pizzo, Stevenson, Prober, Braddock, and Curet. The event is sponsored by the Office of Medical Education, the Division of Evaluation, and the Medical Education and Evaluation Research Group. Contact Dr. David Fetterman, Director of Evaluation, for details concerning the event. (Lunch will be provided and the talk will be taped in case you are unable to attend.)


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