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9th Annual Mood Disorders Dialog Day

8th Annual Mood Disorders Education Day

Welcome and Update on the Stanford Mood Disorders Center and the National Network of Depression Centers
Terence Ketter, MD

Update on DSM-5 Mood Disorders
Trisha Suppes, MD

Special Considerations in Women with Mood Disorders
Mytilee Vemuri, MD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mood Disorders
Jenifer Culver, PhD

Symptom Triggers in Bipolar Disorder: Separating Mania and Depression
Sheri Johnson, MD

Perspectives from the International Bipolar Foundation
Ellen Frudakis, Executive Board Memeber, IBF

Perspectives from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Robert Villanueva, National Trainer of Trainers

Update on Treatment for Mood Disorders
Terence Ketter, MD

7th Annual Mood Disorders Education Day

3rd Annual Bipolar Disorders Education Day

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