Health Research and Policy

Workshop in Biostatistics

Time: 1:15 pm - 3:00 pm
April 12 - May 31, 2007

Place: Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR)
4th Floor, Rm 4205 (The side with Deli)

Date Speaker Title of Talk
4/12 Nancy Zhang
Asst Prof of Statistics, Stanford
Transcription Factor Binding Site Prediction with Multivariate Gene Expression Data
4/19 Maarten Lansberg
Stanford Stroke Center
Design of Stroke Trials

Booil Jo
Asst Professor of Biostatistics
Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Accounting for Heterogeneity in Outcome Prognosis in Estimating Treatment Effects
5/3 Gad Kimmel
Visiting Postdoc, UC Berkeley
A Randomization Test for Controlling Population Stratification in Whole-Genome Association Studies
5/10 Marepalli Rao
Dept of Biomedical Engineering
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
A Discrete Probability Problem Stemming from Dermal Patches
5/17 Jennifer Davis
Asst Professor
Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineer, Stanford
Sustaining the Benefits of Rural Water Supply investments: Experience from Cochabamba and Chuquisaca, Bolivia
5/24 Hua Tang
Dept of Genetics, Stanford
Genome-wide Ancestry Analysis in Admixed Populations
5/31 Nick Eriksson
Postdoc, Dept of Statistics, Stanford
Predicting the Risk of Drug Resistance in HIV with Conjunctive Bayesian Networks

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