Health Research and Policy

Workshop in Biostatistics

Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR)
4th Floor, Rm 4205 (The side with Deli)
1:15 pm - 3:00 pm

October 6-December 1, 2011
Date Speaker Title of Talk
Larry Wein
Jeffrey Skoll Professor in the Graduate School of Business and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Two Data-driven Operations Research Analyses in Health Care
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)
Mark Segal
Professor of Biostatistics
Director, Center of Bioinformatics & Molecular Biostatistics, UCSF
Querying Genomic Databases: Refining the Connectivity Map
(Abstract and Suggested Readings)
Lu Tian
Assistant Professor of Health Research and Policy (Biostatistics)
On the Covariate-adjusted Estimation for the Treatment Difference with Data from a Randomized Comparative Clinical Trial
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)
Lexin Li
Associate Professor, Dept of Statistics, North Carolina State University
Dimension Reduction: Brain Imaging Analysis and Beyond
(Abstract and Suggested Readings)
Don Redelmeier
Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Physician Warnings for Unfit Drivers and the Risk of Road Trauma
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)
Haiyan Huang
Associate Professor, Dept of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Statistical Issues in Disease Diagnosis Using Public Gene Expression Data
(Abstract and Suggested Readings)
David H. Alexander, PhD
Algorithms Engineer
Pacific Biosciences
Genetic Ancestry Estimation: Challenges and Directions
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)
Thanksgiving break
No Workshop
Julia Lin
Mathematical Statistician, CSPCC, VA, Palo Alto
Longitudinal Causal Model in the Principal Stratification Framework
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

*Co-sponsored with the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Statistical Association

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