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Workshop in Biostatistics - Abstract

DATE: May 8, 2014
TIME: 1:15 - 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Medical School Office Building, Rm x303
TITLE: HIV-1 mutations for tracking the spread of transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance
SPEAKER: Robert W. Shafer
Professor of Medicine and by courtesy of Pathology, Division of Infectious Diseases

In 2009, we developed a list of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations designed to be sensitive and specific indicators of transmitted drug resistance -- resistance in previously untreated patients who were presumably infected by a virus that was already drug-resistant. The list of "surveillance drug-resistance mutations" (SDRMs) was widely adopted. We have now completed an individual patient-level meta-analysis of 51,000 patients in 294 studies conducted to characterize the geotemporal trends in transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance. This meta-analysis allows us to determine which mutations occured most commonly in transmitted drug-resistant viruses and to ask whether the SDRM list was likely to have been sensitive and specific.

Suggested readings:
Ravindra K Gupta, Michael R Jordan, Binta J Sultan, Andrew Hill, Daniel H J Davis, John Gregson, Anthony W Sawyer, Raph L Hamers, Nicaise Ndembi, Deenan Pillay, Silvia Bertagnolio. Global trends in antiretroviral resistance in treatment-naive individuals with HIV after rollout of antiretroviral treatment in resource-limited settings: a global collaborative study and meta-regression analysis. Lancet 2012; 380, 1250-58.

Diane E. Bennett, Ricardo J Camacho, Dan Otelea, Robert Shafer, et al. Drug Resistance Mutations for Surveillance of Transmitted HIV-1 Drug-Resistance: 2009 Update. PLOS one. Published March 06, 2009.

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