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DATE: November 21, 2013
TIME: 1:15 - 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Medical School Office Building, Rm x303
TITLE: Genomic and Statistical Approaches to Understanding Variation in Gene Regulation
SPEAKER: Jonathan Pritchard
Department of Genetics, Stanford

Genetic variants that impact gene expression play a central role in the genetics of complex traits and in evolution. Yet the precise links between genetic variation and changes in gene regulation are poorly understood and it remains very difficult to predict which variants have regulatory effects in any given cell type. In this talk I will describe work we have done on identifying genetic variants that impact gene expression and understanding the primary mechanisms by which such variants act. I will discuss both our work on analytical methods and the biological results.

Suggested readings:
J. Pritchard, et al. DNase I sensitivity QTLs are a major determinant of human expression variation. Nature, Vol. 482 (16), p.390-394. Feb 2012.

J. Pritchard, et al. Understanding mechanisms underlying human gene expression variation with RNA sequencing. Nature, Vol. 464, p.768-772. April 2010.

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