Participation at Stanford Biosecurity

Participate at Stanford Biosecurity to support our mission of protecting the nation against biological threats and infectious disease disasters, whether they be intentionally caused or naturally occuring. Opportunities are open to students, faculty, organizations and the broader Biosecurity community.


Participation at Stanford Biosecurity is open to Stanford and other students, and include a range opportunities, from attending classes and seminars to advocating our mission across the nation.

Stanford Faculty

Stanford faculty members are encouraged to participate at Stanford Biosecurity as student mentors and advisors, to create new courses relevant to biosecurity and to incorporate biosecurity-related content into existing Stanford courses. Stanford Biosecurity provides opportunities such as becoming an affiliate faculty member, speaker and advisor.

Non-Stanford Faculty and Experts

While being housed at Stanford University, Stanford Biosecurity encourages the participation of faculty and experts from institutions from all over the country. 


Stanford Biosecurity welcomes the participation of local and national organizations in its efforts. The partnering organizations may be NGOs and other non-profits, technology companies, educational institutions, governmental organizations and others. Opportunities include forming partnerships, supporting research, education and technology development, providing internship and research opportunities for Stanford students, engaging in the BioSecurity dialogue.