Alumni Story Profiles

Our alumni have gone through transitions similar to yours. Below are a few stories of these transitions and overviews of their careers of choice. In assessing fit, first consider your own interests, skills, and values, and see how these align with those discussed in our featured stories.

Stay tuned for new stories each quarter!


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Sarah Bhagat

Associate, Sofinnova Ventures
Psychiatry Postdoc, 2017

Mace Cheng

Data Strategist, Product
Genetics PhD, 2014

Katherine Kripke

Senior Health Policy Analyst
Immunology Phd, 2000, Microbiology Postdoc, 2003

Suraj Pradhan

Senior Manager, BioMarin
Neuroscience PhD, 2014

Robin White

Assistant Professor of Biology
Anesthesia Postdoc, 2013

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