The Biophysics Program at Stanford

Motor proteins in action
Motor proteins
in action
nSec1/syntaxin1a complex
nSec1/syntaxin1a complex
from the Weis lab

The major areas of modern biophysics are represented in the Program, principally in the molecular basis of macromolecular function including computational biology, single molecule analysis, and structural biology. The quantitative relationship between molecular properties and higher-level cell and tissue properties, and research in emerging areas of quantitative cell and organ biology, are also well represented. Methodologies include single-molecule analysis, x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, NMR and other spectroscopic methods, and computation.Outstanding facilities are available within research groups, as well as major facilities including the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laborator, the Stanford Magnetic Resonance laboratory featuring an 800 MHz spectrometer, and the Lucas center for MRI imaging.

Professor Kerwyn "KC" Huang, Director of the Biophysics Program

Kathleen Guan, Administrator of the Biophysics Program

Inquiries may be directed to or (650) 723-7576.

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