SCBE In The News

March 2010:, 03/10/10
MRI's successes may put the brain on trial
Hank Greely, with the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, provides comment in this piece on the use of MRIs as evidence in a courtroom.

KGO-TV, 03/16/10
A segment discussed the H9 stem cell line, one of the few lines approved for federally funded research under the Bush administration. These cells are now off-limits under a new policy set up by President Obama. Christopher Scott, director of Stanford’s Program on Stem Cells and Society and a senior research scholar at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, was interviewed.

KPIX-TV, 03/25/10
A new report shows that some organizations are offering women up to $50,000 to donate their eggs. David Magnus, the Thomas A. Raffin Professor in Medicine and Biomedical Ethics, provided comment during this segment.

Testing DNA for Native Blood, 03/31/10
These days, it's not uncommon for expecting parents to screen their unborn child for genetic abnormalities such as SCIDS. Many tribal governments have instituted a moratorium on genetic studies because of traditional world views and spiritual beliefs. Navajo tribal leaders recently met with medical geneticists in Albuquerque to discuss common ground between Navajo beliefs and genetic testing. How can Native America benefit from modern genetic advances while remaining respectful to our traditional beliefs and practices? Invited guests include genetics specialist Dr. Nanibaa' Garrison.