MED 255: Responsible Conduct of Research

Course Policies

Course Information
Each class will be a discussion session based on cases and dilemmas that will be handed out to participants in class. These discussions will draw heavily on the assigned readings. There are two class formats: weekly classes and intensive classes that cover the entire course in a single day.

Readings for each class are posted on the SCBE website. Participants are required complete the required readings and to fill out the Study Guide for each class session. For weekly classes, a hard copy of the Study Guide for that session (filled out by hand or on the computer) should be turned in to the instructor each time the class meets.  For intensive classes, the entire study guide covering all seven sessions is due at the beginning of class.

Attendance and Makeup Assignments
To receive full credit or certification for the course, participants are required to attend or to write a 3-5 page makeup paper for all 7 class sessions. Documentation of attendance is provided by signing the attendance sheet in class. Please note that only two makeups are permitted. Therefore to complete the course successfully, participants must attend at least 5 full sessions in person and write makeup papers for the two missed sessions. Make-up assignments for any missed sessions must be turned in by the appropriate deadlines.

Dropping an Intensive Class
We have more people who want to take the intensive RCR class than available spaces. As a result, there are always students to fill extra spaces in these sections. If someone drops the course shortly before the class date, we cannot fill that space because no one can do the prep work in time. If you do not wish to remain in the class, please drop it as soon as possible to allow others to successfully enroll. Students who drop an intensive class within two weeks of the class date will not be allowed to register for the course directly next term.

Everyone successfully completing the course will receive a printed certificate that can be used to demonstrate completion of research ethics training in fulfillment of NIH requirements.


Education Coordinator:
Paula Bailey
(650) 498-7869