Graduate and Undergraduate

Education is a main focus of SCBE, with bioethics taught as a "vertical thread" throughout the medical school curriculum. Graduate level and undergraduate level courses are taught by Center faculty as well as other campus faculty. Center faculty are also responsible for NIH-required coursework in ethics and scientific integrity, which is mandatory for all post-doctoral fellows and trainees in the School of Medicine. In addition, SCBE faculty frequently lecture on bioethics topics in a number of courses sponsored by other departments at Stanford, such as human biology, history and philosophy of science, business, health research and policy, psychology, education, and health and society. Numerous graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in bioethics are mentored each year.

CME and Non-Stanford

Education of IRB members: SCBE faculty and research staff provide monthly lectures for members of Stanford's four Institutional Review Boards.

TheĀ Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration
is part of the new initiative at Stanford University School of Medicine to enable medical students to study a chosen area in depth as a complement to the breadth of knowledge and skills gained by general medical education. BEMH is an opportunity for interested students to reflect on, analyze and contribute to the meaning of medicine by focusing on one (or more!) of the diverse fields that contribute to bioethics and/or the arts and humanities as related to medicine.

Course Offerings

ANTHRO 176/276: Cultures, Minds, and Medicine

HUMBIO 99Q: Becoming a Doctor: Readings from Medical School, Medical Training, Medical Practice

HUMBIO 175: Health Care as Seen Through Medical History, Literature, and the Arts

INDE 214: Stanford Medical Student Journal

INDE 226: History of Medicine Online

INDE 297: Reflections, Research, and Advances in Patient Care

LAW 458: Health Law: The FDA

MED 255: The Responsible Conduct of Research

PEDS 251B: Medical Ethics II