Outline: Bioengineering


Information on this site pertains to MD students who matriculated in 2006-2007 or later. All other students matriculating prior to 2006 should refer to their specific Guide to the Scholarly Concentrations for more information.

Dr. Garry Gold, MD
Dr. Paul J. Wang, MD

Objectives and Goals

Bioengineering is a foundation area within the Scholarly Concentration program. It focuses on the intersection between engineering and medicine - from molecular to systems bioengineering - and includes technologies such as computer methods, medical imaging, biosensors, and minimally invasive therapeutic devices.


Students are required to complete MED 289 (BioE 390) Introduction to Bioengineering Research (2 units).

Students who pursue Bioengineering in conjunction with an application area are required to complete 4 additional units.

Students who pursue Bioengineering as a Foundation area alone are required to complete 10 units.

These units can be selected from any courses listed or crosslisted in Bioengineering at the 200 level or higher or graduate equivalent (http://bioengineering.stanford.edu/education/courses.html) and/or completed as directed study with any faculty member associated with the Bioengineering Scholarly Concetration Foundation Area.

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