The Department of Biochemistry hosts a triweekly seminar series. Seminars are at 4 PM on Wednesdays, alternating with the Developmental Biology and Genetics seminar programs. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows select and sponsor several of the seminar speakers. Graduate students are expected to attend all of the Biochemistry Department-sponsored seminars. This ensures broad training within our graduate program. For the most current listings:

Lectures by Students and Postdoctoral Trainees

An important aspect of the training of every graduate student is the development of speaking skills. Opportunities are offered for trainees to speak about their ongoing research in a seminar setting at group meetings, conferences and the annual departmental research conference each fall.

Biochemistry Journal Club

Our Biochemistry Department Journal Club is designed to bring together students, post-docs and faculty to discuss current topics in the literature.  Every 4-6 weeks, one 4th or 5th year student and one Post-doc or Faculty member will present a research discussion based on recent papers or developing scientific topics of general interest.  This provides a unique opportunity for students to hone their presentation skills and to bring the department up to date with regard to recent scientific developments.  Each student will prepare by giving a practice talk to faculty coaches to develop their scientific communication and presentation skills.  Faculty will provide feedback after the presentation to help students learn the art of communicating science.  This forum is designed to help advanced students as they begin to present at scientific conferences and apply for post-doctoral and professional positions.  Journal club presentations fulfill the third presentation requirement for the PhD degree, if the topic selected is entirely distinct from that presented as part of either the first or second proposals.

Molecular Biophysics

Stanford research groups with molecular interests gather on the second Wednesday evening a month and listen to two talks of approximately 30 minutes about ongoing research, with a break for beer and pizza. Talks run from 5:15 to 8:00 PM . All interested researchers are encouraged to attend regularly. For a current schedule or further information contact Kathleen Guan, , (650) 723-7576.

Bay Area RNA Club

The Bay Area RNA Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. on the UCSF campus. Three 30-minute talks are presented each month, with speakers from over 20 Bay Area labs. Pizza and beer are served and all are welcome to attend. Detailed information at

RNA Journal Club

Presentations are held weekly on the UCSF campus, Mondays at noon. Food and softdrinks are provided generously by industry sponsor. The aim of this journal clus is to discuss recent papers of general interest that deal wiht RNA biology, with an emphasis on gene silencing. The intended format is to have one person each week present a paper to the group. This journal club is interested to anyone interested in RNA biology, especially RNa interference and microRNAs. Detailed information at:


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