Medical Scholars

The Beckman Center supports Stanford's Medical Scholars Fund in order to create a continuing source of funds for medical students doing translational biomedical research under the direction of faculty mentors. This support is critical to the success of our goal of ensuring that the results of applied clinical science are made broadly available for clinical use and practical application.

Departments with students engaged in projects relevant to our mission are encouraged to apply to the Medical Scholars program. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by a committee of faculty scientists.

At the completion of the project, students are required to make an oral presentation of the results to an audience consisting of the faculty advisory board and others with expertise in the field. Students must also prepare a written summary of the project results.

Last year Beckman supported the following students as part of the Medical Scholars program:

  • Marc J. Carmichael
    Year at Stanford Medical School: 5th year Student
    Project Title: The Role of Cytokine-Induced MHC Class 1 Expression in the Regulation of Cortical Network Activity and Connectivity
  • Mollie Friedlander
    Year at Stanford Medical School: 2nd year Student
    Project Title: Investigating the Function and Regulation of Neuromedin U, a Candidate Mammilian Decretin Hormone
  • Paige Qin
    Year at Stanford Medical School: 3rd year Student
    Project Title: 26 Years Under the Ryan White CARE Act: How did Black Men Living with HIV/AIDS Fare?
  • Daniel T. Rogan
    Year at Stanford Medical School: 5th year Student
    Project Title: Elevated Cell-Free DNA as a Predictor of Poor Outcomes in Emergency Department Sepsis Patients