Beckman Fellowships

The Beckman Research Fellows Program is a competitive program made available to postdoctoral fellows doing independent research under the auspices of a Stanford faculty member with relevant expertise. Awardees are expected to be capable of independent work and competitive for the most prestigious academic or other positions on completion of their fellowship.

Beckman Fellows 2008- 2011

Susanna Mlynarczyk-Evans, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Anne Villeneuve, Developmental Biology
Project Title: Investigating Homologous Chromosome Pairing in Meiosis through New Approaches in C. elegans.

Beckman Fellows 2003- 2006

Sheila Jaswal, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Judith Frydman, Biological Sciences
Project Title: Touring the Conformational Landscapes of Chaperonin Mediated Folding by Hydrogen Exchange

Zach Serber, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentor: Prof. James Ferrell, Chemical and Systems Biology
Project Title: Characterizing the Phosphorylation of Cdc25 in Different Stages Using NMR

Beckman Fellows 2002- 2005

Kevin Travers, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentor Prof. Daniel Herschlag, Biochemistry
Project Title: In vivo Analysis of Catalytic RNA Folding

Frederic Charron, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Mark Tessier-Lavigne, Biological Sciences
Project Title: Novel Wiring Functions for Classical Morphogens

Beckman Fellows 2001- 2004

Michael Galko, Ph.D. (completed fellowship)
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Mark Krasnow, Biochemistry
Project Title: Genetic Analysis of Wound Healing in Drosophila melanogaster

Peter Roy, Ph.D. (vacated appointment as of Oct. 1, 2002)
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Stuart Kim, Developmental Biology
Project Title: Genomic Profiling of Axon Guidance Genes in C. elegans