Programs We Support

The mission of the Beckman Center is to promote and accelerate the transfer of basic science discoveries to clinical medical practice. In order to be truly successful, our activities must include disciplines and expertise outside the walls of the Beckman Center. Our challenge is how to encourage over 300 biomedical research programs to collaborate on projects of mutual interest. The answer lies in creating incentives for students and faculty to step outside the boundaries of their own departments and work with others. The organization we created to achieve that end is the Program in Molecular and Genetic Medicine (PMGM).

The PMGM includes more than 200 scientists from the School of Medicine and campus departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Applied Physics. Its 16-member advisory board is composed of six faculty from clinical departments and 10 basic science faculty. Five members are appointed from within the Beckman Center and the remaining 11 originate from other School of Medicine and campus laboratories.

The PMGM creates and supports multidisciplinary programs that help bring the discoveries of the laboratory to clinical applications, offering a unique training ground for pre- and post-doctoral and medical students.