Munzer Auditorium

Munzer Auditorium is a 101-person capacity lecture hall located on the ground floor of the Beckman Center in Room B060.

About Munzer

Munzer Auditorium is named for Mr. And Mrs. R. J. Munzer, generous contributors to the construction of the Beckman Center.

Munzer Auditorium — Reservation Policy

Munzer Hall serves as a venue for the School of Medicine research community.  The Beckman Center will accept reservation requests for Munzer Hall for the following:  Research Seminar Series, One-time Research Seminars and Symposia.

Booking priority is as follows:

  • Beckman Departments – for the academic year*
  • Stanford School of Medicine and other research facilities – for the academic year*
  • All other University, SUHC and LPCH Departments*
  • Students and clubs must have departmental sponsorship

*These function types may be requested only 30 days in advance of the date desired: Classes, Training, Orientation, Workshops, Grand Rounds, Meetings (Faculty, Lab, etc.)

Vendor presentations intended for marketing or sales purposes are not permitted.


The auditorium is available only when the Beckman Center is open, Monday-Friday, 7:00AM to 7:00PM. Events cannot start before 7:00AM or end after 7:00PM. We do not accept requests for weekend reservations or from outside organizations.


Please submit cancellations as soon as possible and NO LATER THAN 48 hours in advance of your event.  Munzer Hall is in great demand and advance notice is appreciated. “No Shows” may not be accommodated for future bookings.

Food and Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in Munzer Auditorium.  Refreshments may only be served AFTER your event.

Catering may only be delivered AFTER the event start time in the Ground Floor Lobby or the outside patio. The hallway outside Munzer may not be blocked due to fire and safety regulations.

The department, organization, or group holding the event is responsible for advising attendees of the policy as well as enforcing it.

Audio-Visual Technical Support

CMGM does not provide technical or AV support.  Please contact one of the resources listed below prior to your presentation date if you would like to have technical support on site for your presentation.  Onsite technical support is  generally not necessary in Munzer Hall, which is reliably “plug-and-play,” but may be advisable for high profile speakers and is REQUIRED for presentations involving webcasting, streaming, or video conferencing (such as Zoom).

Audio-Visual Resources

For on-site video recording and related services contact Stanford Event Services or Stanford Video. For video conferencing using Zoom contact the MedIRT Help Desk.

Book the Munzer Auditorium

You can now schedule your event in Munzer Auditorium using our online scheduling system.

The Beckman Bistro

The Beckman Bistro specializes in fresh Mex and is located on the ground floor of the Beckman Center near Munzer Auditorium. There is limited indoor seating and a large patio with umbrella tables for outdoor seating. Breakfast and lunch are served Monday—Friday.

For catering service, please contact the Bistro manager: Amadeo Penas, (650) 725-8484