Lucy Shapiro
Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor in Cancer Research

Lucy Shapiro is a molecular developmental biologist who in 1989 created and chaired the Department of Developmental Biology. Shapiro cultivated a single organism into one of the most powerful experimental systems for understanding the control of the bacterial cell cycle and the establishment of cell fate. Her research with Caulobacter has yielded fundamental insights and has created valuable paradigms for understanding the bacterial cell as an integrated system in which the transcriptional circuitry is interwoven with the three-dimensional deployment of key regulatory and morphological proteins. In pioneering work Shapiro initiated the "cell biology" of prokaryotes, resulting in the first demonstration that proteins, such as chemoreceptors and signalling proteins, are dynamically localized in the cell, adding a spatial dimension to regulatory networks. Shapiro has received numerous awards and honors for her work.

Paul Berg
Director Emeritus
Cahill Professor in Cancer Research, Emeritus

Paul Berg has been on the Stanford faculty since 1959. He was awarded the 1980 Nobel Prize in chemistry "for his fundamental studies of the biochemistry of nucleic acids, with particular regard to recombinant DNA." The other half of the award went to Walter Gilbert and Frederick Sanger "for their contributions concerning the determination of base sequences in nucleic acids." Since receiving the prize, Berg has continued to conduct research in the Department of Biochemistry, where his focus is the mechanism of repairing DNA damage. He continues to influence federal policy regarding stem cell research, biotechnology and human cloning. View Dr. Berg's "award-winning" video showing protein synthesis from 1971.

Mark Shepard
Associate Director

Mark Shepard manages the strategic planning, programs, finances, human resources, facilities, events, and communications for the Beckman Center administration and its service centers. He can be contacted regarding program, public relations, finance and administration inquiries, by email ( or voicemail (650-724-0034).

Sheila Granizo
Business Manager

Sheila Granizo handles financial matters for the Beckman Center administration and its service centers.

Shelly Bradford
Administrative Associate & Scheduler for Munzer Hall