Autism and Developmental Disorders Research Program


The Stanford Autism and Developmental Disorders Research Program would like to thank the children, as well as their parents and families, for contributing to research. The joint effort to better understand and provide therapies for developmental disorders is not possible without their past and continued involvement.

Stanford ADDRP would also like to ackowledge financial support from the following organizations:

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11/11/2019 Parent Support Group meets every second Monday from 7-9pm (English and Spanish) at 401 Quarry Road, Stanford, CA 94504. For more information please click here.   

11/16/2019 2019 Bay Area Adult Autism/DD Conference Stanford Autism Center/Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area Annual Fall Conerence, 8am-5pm, Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford University. Now registering! For more info, click here