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June 2014

Stanford Anesthesia Class of 2014 graduates

Congratulations to the Stanford Anesthesia Class of 2014!

Nick Anast ------- Cardiac Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Kevin Blaine ------- Critical Care Medicine Fellow, NIH
Jorge Caballero ------- Research Fellow, Stanford
Trevor Chan ------- Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Craig Chen ------- Critical Care Medicine Fellow, Stanford
Adam Djurdjulov ------- Community Practice, Southern California
Marc Dobrow ------- Community Practice, Colorado
King Ganguly ------- Pain Medicine Fellow, Cornell
Robert Groff ------- Critical Care Medicine Fellow, Stanford
Leslie Hale ------- Critical Care Medicine Fellow, Stanford
Reed Harvey ------- Cardiac Anesthesia Fellow, UCLA
Joseph Kwok ------- Pain Medicine Fellow, Stanford
Marie McHenry ------- Cardiac Anesthesia Fellow, Texas Heart Institute
Eric Mehlberg ------- Pain Medicine Fellow, UCSF
Ryan Mountjoy ------- Regional Anesthesia Fellow, Duke
Rafee Obaidi ------- Community Practice, Arizona
Christopher Painter ------- Faculty, Stanford
Carter Peatross ------- Cardiac Anesthesia Fellow, Mayo Clinic
Shelly Pecorella ------- Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Duke
Alex Quick ------- Community Practice, San Diego
Lindsay Raleigh ------- Critical Care Medicine Fellow, Stanford
Eric Sun ------- Research Fellow, Stanford
Jimmie Tan ------- Regional Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Natacha Telusca ------- Pain Medicine Fellow, Stanford
Matt Wagaman ------- Community Practice, Colorado
Tammy Wang ------- Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford

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