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Q&A with Stanford Anesthesia's Residency Director

January 2014

Where do Stanford Anesthesia residents live?

We have finished interviewing this year's applicants and are excited for the results of the Match coming up. The class will be a spectacular group of people. One of the questions that arises is where do Stanford Anesthesia residents live.
A quick survey revealed the following distribution.

Palo Alto (29% of residents)
Mountain View (17%)
Menlo Park (14%)
Redwood city (14%)
San Francisco (5%)
Sunnyvale (5%)
Los Altos (3%)
Santa Clara (3%)
and the remaining 12% in one of the following:
Portola Valley, Belmont, San Jose, San Carlos, Cupertino, and Burlingame

Thank you,

2013 Stanford Anesthesia Graduates: What are they doing after residency?

Jennifer Basarab-Tung, Stanford Faculty
Marianne Chen, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, Stanford
Samuel Chen, Community Practice, Oregon
Morgan Dooley, Faculty, Emory University
Roy Esaki, Pain Medicine Fellowship, Stanford
Estee Garazi, Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, University of Miami, Miami, FL
Brice Gaudilliere, FARM Research Fellowship, Stanford
Melanie Gipp, Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Annie Goodrich, Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Houston
Natalya Hasan, Stanford Faculty
Ashley Hawrylyshyn, Community Practice, San Francisco Bay Area
Boris Heifets, FARM Research Fellowship, Stanford
Calvin Lew, Community Practice, San Francisco
Michael Marques, Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Ethan McKenzie, Stanford Faculty
Vanessa Moll, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, Stanford
Megan Olejniczak, Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Jared Pearson, Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Denver, Colorado
Catherine Reid, Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland
Loren Riskin, Management Fellowship, Stanford
Vivianne Tawfik, FARM Research Fellowship, Stanford
Tatyana Travkina, Stanford Faculty
Ankeet Udani, FARM Research Fellowship, Stanford
Luis Verduzco, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, Stanford

Another awesome class!
Thank you,

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