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Q&A with Stanford Anesthesia's Residency Director

March 2009

Stanford Anesthesia Internship Year

This past yr Dr. Pearl the chairman and I have been working to organize a Stanford Anesthesia clinical base year with 12 FTEs, with interns rotating nine mths at Stanford University Hospital, two mths at the Palo Alto VA, and 1 mth at Packard Children's Hospital. Although we successfully obtained GME approval, with the poor economy and associated funding difficulties, we will not be be able to offer categorical anesthesia slots at Stanford for 2010 as planned.

However, we are fortunate to have several outstanding internships in the San Francisco Bay Area that are available to Stanford Anesthesia applicants. These include:

Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr--Transitional
Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr--Preliminary medicine
Stanford Preliminary Medicine
California Pacific Medical Center
Stanford Surgery Internship
Santa Clara--Kaiser Permanente Med Ctr
San Francisco--Kaiser Permanente Med Ctr
Oakland--Kaiser Permanente Med Ctr
St Mary's Med Ctr

In surveying our residents, all of those who wanted to be in the SF Bay Area for internship were able to do so. In fact, for example, 4 of the 16 transitional spots at Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr are reserved (an interview there is required) for Stanford Anesthesia residents to be. Reserved means that applicants ranked by Stanford Anesthesia will get priority for those spots.

More details about all the nearby internships including rotation schedule descriptions are available at:
Download file

Please let me know ( if you have any questions or if you want the names and contact info of some alums to get their comments.

thank you,


Match results-Class of 2013!

Match results for 2009 NRMP are in and we very pleased with the outcome!

Marianne Chen, Boston Univ
Sam Chen, Case Western
Morgan Dooley, Johns Hopkins
Roy Esaki, University of Michigan
Brice Gaudilliere, Harvard
Melanie Gipp, Stanford
Andrea Goodrich, Baylor
Natalya Hasan, New York Univ
Kathryn Hawrylyshyn, U Toronto
Boris Heifets, Albert Einstein
Calvin Lew, UMDNJ, RW Johnson
Michael Marques, USC
Ethan McKenzie, Drexel
Megan Oeljniczak, Univ Minnesota
Giovanni Passanante, UCLA
Jared Pearson, Univ Vermont
Catherine Reid, Baylor
Loren Riskin, Duke
Brendan Smith, USC
Vivianne Tawfik, Dartmouth
Tatyana Travkina, UMDNJ, RW Johnson
Ankeet Udani, St. Georges
Luis Verduzco, Harvard

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