Below is a collection of recent podcasts, videos, and media articles relating to our work.

Stanford News: Scientists Seek to Speak the Brain’s Language to Heal its Disease (2017)

In this article, the Stanford News Service takes a look at the latest advances in treating neurological diseases with brain-computer interfaces, highlighting the work of several faculty in Stanford's Department of Neurosurgery, including Dr. Chichilnisky. Creating Wireless Cyborg Eyes for the Blind (2017)

The work of Dr. Chichilnisky is showcased in this introduction to the retina as one of the best-understood and most accessible avenues to the brain.

Stanford Medicine Bionic: How video goggles and a tiny implant could cure blindness (2017)

In addition to discussing Dr. Chichilnisky’s concept for a next-generation artificial retina, this article introduces the work of Dr. Palanker, a close collaborator in the Stanford Artificial Retina Project, who has already built a functional retinal implant.

TrendinTech: Is the Cure for Blindness Bionic Goggles? (2017)

This article is a brief overview of the work of both Dr. Chichilnisky and Dr. Palanker and their shared goal of finding a solution for blindness through bionic goggles and a retinal implant.

Medical Daily: ‘Artificial Vision’ May Soon Be More Natural (2014)

This brief report summarizes Dr. Chichilnisky’s work on reproducing natural patterns of activity in the retina using electrical stimulation