Submitting Samples


NOTE:  The AHS will ONLY accept online requests.  Once you have completed the online request, you will receive a confirmation email that you must print and submit with your samples. Failing to submit a printed copy of the order confirmation email with your samples will result in delays in the processing of your order.

Sample drop-off/pick-up cart: Edwards Building (07-309) Room R322 (3rd floor).

 Pick-up and drop-off done every day for AHS submissions.

NOTE: If submitting tissue cassettes, you must submit them in
70% ethanol in a tight-sealing, leak-proof container
All requests must be accompanied by a completed Histology Service Request Form.  

If you have questions about sample submission or services available please contact us.   

Drop Off Cart

Starting Samples

Fixed and Unprocessed Tissues
(wet tissues)

These are tissues that have been fixed, trimmed, and placed in tissue cassettes.

Cassettes must be labelled with pencil or with an alcohol-and-xylene-resistant pen.

These tissues are submitted to the histology lab in 70% ethanol.


Unstained Slides

These are slides that have been made from paraffin (wax) tissue blocks sectioned with a microtome

These slides are intended for later use such as routine, special, or immuno-staining

These slides should be submitted in a plastic slide carrier that keeps them separated to avoid scratches

Paraffin Tissue Block

These are tissues that have already been processed and embedded in paraffin (wax) to form a tissue block.

These blocks should be submitted in a container or “zip lock” bag.

Frozen OCT Tissue Blocks

These are blocks of frozen tissue that have been embedded in OCT (Optimal Cutting Temperature) medium

These blocks must remain frozen and not be exposed to thawing

Please contact laboratory personnel for coordinating the transfer and handling of OCT blocks

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